Jeroen Hofman photographs the Belgium National Squad

Jeroen Hofman has just completed a commission from the beer company Jupiler, to photograph the whole of the Belgium National football team. As is typical with such a brief, he only had three minutes (180 seconds!) to take a head and shoulders shot and a full length shot of each player. Most photographers would grimace […]

Jeroen Hofman photographs for Linda Magazine in The Netherlands

Jeroen Hofman has just completed a very emotional and heartfelt project for Linda Magazine in the Netherlands. The article for which he shot the images, is about the families of children with cancer and the effect the diagnosis, treatment and life changing experience  they all go through when confronted with such terrible news. I love these pictures […]

Ed James Starts A One Stop Digital Content Production Company

Ed James has begun a new venture which will operate simultaneously with his career in photography. It is called “Bed”  and  is a creative content production facility. Ed and his two partners will create compelling video based content that is designed to be used online, via social media channels and traditional broadcast. Flexible campaigns allow companies to deliver […]

New Film

Go to in order to see a film that has just been released, that I produced, that was directed by Clive Booth and that is about Sir Don McCullin shooting on the streets of Kolkata, India. It is a real chance to see and hear some of Don’s thoughts on photography. Producing this film was particularly interesting […]

Josh Redman Wins Taylor Wessing Award 2016

      I signed Josh Redman after I had judged him to first place at the Association of Photographers awards back in 2014. Since then he has consistently produced interesting work that is sometimes spontaneous but often involves a lot of consideration on his part. Such as his approach to understanding and shooting portraits. […]

John Offenbach Photographs Justin Nicholls

If you’ve followed John Offenbach’s work over the years you would have seen numerous photographs of Justin Nicholls. One of the first commissioned pictures John took was Justin’s album cover from 1993 of him standing in his pyjamas knee deep in a soft sea. Since then they have collaborated on numerous occasions for various projects […]