Clive Booth Shoots Personal Film During Lockdown

Clive was asked to make a short film bounded by the obvious restrictions that being locked-down brings. Given that he had to remain within the confines of his house and garden, he decided to make it about his work and produce a gentle, meditative piece in order to illustrate his influences and approach to stills […]

Ed James Starts A One Stop Digital Content Production Company

Ed James has begun a new venture which will operate simultaneously with his career in photography. It is called “Bed”  and  is a creative content production facility. Ed and his two partners will create compelling video based content that is designed to be used online, via social media channels and traditional broadcast. Flexible campaigns allow companies to deliver […]

McCullin Kolkota

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Go to in order to see a film that has just been released, that I produced, that was directed by Clive Booth and that is about Sir Don McCullin shooting on the streets of Kolkata, India. It is a real chance to see and hear some of Don’s thoughts on photography. Producing this film was […]

John Offenbach Photographs Justin Nicholls

If you’ve followed John Offenbach’s work over the years you would have seen numerous photographs of Justin Nicholls. One of the first commissioned pictures John took was Justin’s album cover from 1993 of him standing in his pyjamas knee deep in a soft sea. Since then they have collaborated on numerous occasions for various projects […]

Harriet Logan Interview at the BBC ‘The Power of Images in Conflict’

    Harriet Logan joins Rob Williams OBE from War Child and Katie Silver from the BBC to discuss the power of photography and social media throughout War. The interview was live on Thursday 18th August 2016 on BBC News Facebook. They focus on the image of a dazed young boy in Aleppo that went […]

RNLI post film about Clive Booth

    The RNLI have posted a film about Clive Booth’s Islay project on their Facebook page. Click the link below to watch it. In two days it has had 70k hits. It is good to have been able to have drawn attention to this amazing organisation. After all we live on a relatively small island, surrounded by […]