Harriet Logan has had two distinct careers in photography. Starting with years in the front line of trouble spots such as Chechnya and Afghanistan, she reported with her camera stories of utter horror and strife.

Going under cover in Afghanistan to photograph women and children in secret locations receiving education, forbidden by the then ruling Taliban. Taking her pictures through a hole in her parahaan and chaadar.

She covered brothels in the U.K., ¬†Australia and India…..A man in jail for a murder he did not commit; helping him to find his freedom through her picture……The streets of Chechnya after they were destroyed, but not so long after, that it stopped her being shot at.

Then she stopped going to places of devastation and focused on taking pictures of children. And so it has been ever since.

She is now the pre-eminent child photographer in Britain, shooting for such clients as Sainsburys, Ocado, Crayola, Aviva, Butlins, DFS, British Telecom, Sabic, Talk Talk, The British Heart Foundation, Persil, Heinz, Carex and Channel 4 amongst others.

She knows how to bring out the required role from children like no other photographer.