Irreconcilable Truths : Don McCullin’s new three-volume boxed collection


To all those of you who would love to own a Don McCullin print but cannot afford to do so, and to those of you who just like owning great books on photography, Don has produced a massive tome!

It has within its covers, 1,300 pages of print and over 700 images, spread over three boxed volumes. Many images have never before been published.

For me, the really interesting aspect of the work is the remarkable quality and level of its printing. I have never (and I own hundreds of photographic books) seen such amazing production.

I return to how I started this piece… the print quality of the images in this book, will bring you closer to owning an original print than you will ever be able to achieve besides actually buying one.
Especially true of those images those that are bled to the edge of the page.

The downside is that there will be only 1000 of these printed. After that its all over.

Here is the link to the site where you can buy a copy: