Now proudly representing Josh Redman

Josh Redman is a young, talented photographer who caught my eye when I was judging the Association of Photographers annual photo competition. It is judged blind and unbeknownst to me the only two images that I regarded as worthy of winning an award were both taken by him. They were completely different from each other but both illustrated photography that was created with an understanding how to shoot an interesting subject, in an interesting way with a pronounced sense of good composition. After having judged him to win the competition, I met with him to see if these two images were a fluke and was very happy to see that they were not. I asked him to send across all his new work as and when he shot it, and in almost all cases, I found it continued to be, what I had felt before, varied and often quirky, reflecting his personal view of the world, whilst remaining commercially grounded. I had to sign him!