Josh Redman Wins Taylor Wessing Award 2016




I signed Josh Redman after I had judged him to first place at the Association of Photographers awards back in 2014.

Since then he has consistently produced interesting work that is sometimes spontaneous but often involves a lot of consideration on his part.

Such as his approach to understanding and shooting portraits.

Josh decided to source complete strangers, and using identical lighting and background, he photographed them nude.

With this criteria, he has produced a large set of images that surprised both him and his sitters. The sessions were long but informal, allowing the subjects to develop unconscious poses that reflected a previously unseen version of themselves.

The result of this series is that Josh’s portrait of “Frances” was entered for and won first prize in the 2016 Taylor Wessing Competition for the John Kobal New Work Award.

Please visit his page on my site for other images from the series.


Click here to watch Josh accept his award – Josh Redman Taylor Wessing Award Acceptance Video